About Candour Productions

Candour Productions was established 5 years ago as True Vision Yorkshire by multi award winning filmmaker Anna Hall to establish a landmark and bespoke documentary company in her hometown of Leeds.


Anna had joined forces with Executive Brian Woods and True Vision in 2010 when she was pursuing her investigation into exposing the CSE scandal across the country.  She had already made one feature documentary film ( Edge of the City C4 2004) and had access to a huge investigation West Mercia Police were carrying out. This was the beginning of a collaboration with Brian Woods & True Vision on two films - Britain's Sex Gangs and The Hunt for Britain's Sex Gangs.


True Vision was set up by Brian and his late wife Deborah Shipley. Their ethos was to make films "that make a difference" and for 25 years True Vision has been doing just that - making films that challenge policy and prejudice all over the world. They have won just about every award going - Brian has won 8 BAFTAS and been nominated for about 20 plus (he's stopped counting!)


True Vision's ethos was a good fit for Anna - and as a very homeless PD, she wanted to make films for herself - and create a home for filmmakers in the north. Brian and True Vision Director Jezza Neumann supported Anna to try and build a base in the city and to get films commissioned for herself. 


With Channel 4's move to Leeds it's an exciting time to be building a base for filmmakers in the north.