Here are some more advanced shooting tips to help you capture your day!

1.) Lighting - Ensure your subject is the most lit part of the video. Often phone cameras automatically adjust the exposure to what they think you want to focus on. Depending on what phone you have, try clicking the part of the screen you want correctly exposing and it may adjust for you.

On the left is an example of where the camera has exposed the background and not the person we want to see. On the right is what we're aiming for.

Even better, don't film anyone in front of a bright light source like a window or with high lights behind them, the darker the background (as along as they are well-lit) the more they will stand out.

Well lit person with a dark background.

Too dark person with a bright light behind.

Well lit person but the background is too bright.

2.) Lots Of Shots - To be able to put together the footage you shoot in the best possible way (and make you look like a brilliant cameraperson) what we need most of all is plenty of shots to choose form. These different shots will help our editors to build scenes. If you were filming your family cooking for example. as well as the 'Wide Establisher', we'd ideally have 'Cutaways' which would be close ups of the food, chopping, mixing and putting it into the oven, and 'reaction shots' of the other people in the room watching.

The wide shot is how you might film most of the scene.

These are the cutaways it'd be great to get.

3.) Shot Reverse Shot - This is a common filming technique where two people talk to one another but only one is shown at a time on the screen. If you were filming a conversation between two people it would make it more interesting to do a Shot Reverse Shot for some of it. Below is an example of what it looks like. Remember that your two subjects must be looking from left to right or right to left of frame and not swap over or this will confuse the viewer.

Have a think about what you're going to film and what the different shots might be. Get in touch with us here if you need a hand.