Many Muslim women in Britain are unaware that their marriages aren't legally recognised. This documentary meets women whose nuptials don't afford them the same rights and protections as other couples.

True Vision Yorkshire and Channel 4 commissioned a survey of 900 Muslim women in the UK. The research was carried out by trained community researchers who were all Muslim women from a range of ethnic backgrounds; age ranges and marital status. They operated in 14 different cities Glasgow, Newcastle, Preston, Bradford, Stockport, Manchester, Stoke on Trent, Leicester, Birmingham, Oxford, Cardiff, London, Bristol, Gloucester, Cambridge. 

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  • More than two thirds of those women who had a NIkah only, did not plan to have one in the future

  • 10% of those who responded to the survey were in a polygamous relationship, and of those 37% said that they had not consented to it. The vast majority of this 37% who would prefer not to be in a polygamous relationship said that it was done without their knowledge.

Key findings 

  • 60% of those questioned had a Nikah only ceremony, with no civil ceremony to make their marriage recognised by the law (3 in 5)

  •  28% of those who had a Nikah only, did not realise that their Nika ceremony was not legally recognised, and instead thought that they were married with full protection of the law

  • Nearly 90% of those who had a Nikah only were not advised by an Imam as to what is required to be married in the eyes of the law